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Childhood Myopia

Childhood Myopia

Childhood myopia in Singapore, Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre - causes, symptoms, treatment

What is Childhood Myopia?

Childhood myopia refers to the onset of myopia at a young age. When myopia develops at such an early stage in life, it is very likely that it will worsen in the future. Given such circumstances, it is plausible that the myopia will reach extremely high degrees overtime in affected people. As such, it is crucial for people afflicted by childhood myopia to consult a doctor immediately.

Childhood Myopia Symptoms

Common symptoms of this condition are strained near vision, which often results in the following in most children:

  • – Difficulty reading the whiteboard or digital screens during classes
  • – Trouble reading bus numbers
  • – Blurry vision when watching television

Is My Child at Risk?

According to a study, ‘15% of 4-year olds in Singapore have myopia, and the statistics continue to rise through their growing years with 30% of 7-year-olds being myopic.’ While the exact cause of myopia still remains uncertain, childhood myopia has been suspected to be hereditary. As such, people who have had childhood myopia themselves are more likely to have children who will develop the same condition.

What Are the Treatment Options for Childhood Myopia?

An eye specialist will be able to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and prescribe options for treatment and management. A popular option is the use of Atropin and Myopin – eye drops that are able to slow the progression of myopia in children.

As reported by Channel News Asia, ‘multiple studies have shown that a low dose of atropine eye drops – with 0.01 per cent concentration of atropine – can slow the progression of myopia by up to 60 per cent.’

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