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Eye Allergies

Eye Allergies

What Are Eye Allergies?

Allergies can cause red, itchy, and/or watery eyes.

Although eye allergies can cause discomfort in the eye, they usually do not result in any loss of vision. However, persistent allergies can be very uncomfortable, and may significantly affect one’s quality of life. Eye allergies may also cause conjunctivitis or infections. An eye doctor will be able to determine the potential causes of eye allergies and suggest possible treatment options.

What Causes Eye Allergies?

Allergens are substances that trigger an allergic reaction in those predisposed to it.

Possible allergens may include:
– Dust, Dust Mites
– Pollen
– Mold
– Animal Fur
– Cosmetics
– Foods

What Are the Treatment Options for Eye Allergies?

Avoid allergens
Clear home areas of any potential allergens such as dust or animal fur. Try to avoid going to dusty or dirty places. The allergy should subside with time given removal of allergens.

Remove or Dispose of Contact Lenses
Contact lenses may accumulate allergens over time. Do not use lenses for more than the instructed period. If you feel that your contact lenses are causing discomfort in your eye, clean or dispose of them immediately. Visit a doctor if you are experiencing prolonged discomfort.

Apply Eye Drops
Antihistamines, decongestants, anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids can help to alleviate allergies. An eye doctor will be able to determine the appropriate prescription medication for your eye problem.

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