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What is Epi-LASIK?

Epi-LASIK is also known as TransPRK, PRK,Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA), or LASEK.

Epi-LASIK, LASEK, ASA, PRK Eye Surgery

The Epi-LASIK Process

During an Epi-LASIK procedure, the surgeon first removes the epithelium (the extremely thin outer layer) of the cornea. Next, an alcohol solution, a buffing device or a blunt surgical instrument is used.

Subsequently, the underlying corneal stroma is then reshaped with an excimer laser. The is the same as what is done during LASIK.

Next, a bandage contact lens inserted to protect and secure the epithelium in place as it heals. A new epithelial layer usually grows back within five days.

Is Epi-LASIK a better treatment option?

The optimal treatment option for each patient depends on their eye condition. As compared to LASIK, Epi-LASIK causes more discomfort and has slower visual recovery. However, it is a good treatment option for select patients. At Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre, we usually use this Epi-LASIK to treat patients with thin corneas or boxing/mixed martial arts enthusiasts.

Not sure which is better for you? Not to worry. During the LASIK Assessment, we will assess whether Epi-LASIK or LASIK is more suitable for your eyes.

You can read more about the differences between LASIK and Epi-LASIK here.

Epi-LASIK Price

Prices start from $3724.67 (both eyes, including GST)

Payment via interest-free installments are available for DBS, POSB, and UOB credit cards.

Why Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre?

Established in 2007, Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre is one of the leading LASIK centres in Singapore. Our centre is constantly being upgraded with new generation LASIK treatment methods and technology. Your vision is precious. We have a wide range of LASIK treatments for different eye conditions.

Dr Lee Hung Ming

MBBS (Spore), M.Med (Ophth), FRCS (Edinburgh), FAMS (Ophth).

– More than 20 years experience.
– 20,000+ LASIK & cataract procedures.
– Experienced surgeon with excellent track record (as evidenced by his large number of referral cases).

Dr Lee Hung Ming was the first in Singapore to perform:

– Bladeless LASIK surgery (2004).
– ICL surgery for the treatment of myopia (2005).
– Laser-Assisted Bladeless Cataract surgery via Femtosecond Laser (2012).

At Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre, we offer both IntraLase Bladeless LASIK and Epi-LASIK.

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