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What is iLASIK?

At Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre, we use the iLASIK Suite by Abbott Medical Optics (AMO). Considered a breakthrough in the refractive surgery industry, this new generation, all-laser treatment produces exceptional results – so much so that NASA Astronauts and US Navy Seals are now able to undergo LASIK surgery.

What are the advantages of the iLASIK Wavefront Customized Treatment?

  • LASIK is a safe, established, proven treatment that is recognized as the gold standard in vision correction for astigmatism correction and myopia correction. iLASIK is a new and improved version of LASIK that makes use of innovative technology to further improve the surgery process and outcomes.
  • The iLASIK technology offers 100% individualized treatment, allowing for correction that is more accurately tailored to each unique eye for potentially better results.
  • Due to its exceptional results, the iLASIK treatment is the only LASIK treatment procedure that NASA Astronauts and US Navy SEALs are currently allowed to undergo.
  • Less pain, lower downtime, and faster recovery times as compared to Epi-LASIK, LASEK and PRK.

The iLASIK Wavefront Customized Treatment Process


Technology: iDesign

During the pre-iLASIK eye assessment, a high-definition 3D corneal map is generated using the iDesign machine. Wavefront-guided eye-mapping technology is used to detect any microscopic differences or imperfections in each patient’s eye. This 3D map is then transmitted to the Star S4 IR Excimer Laser to be used during surgery. Every eye is unique – by conducting an accurate and detailed analysis, the iLASIK technology is able correct refractive errors with potentially higher accuracy.


Technology: IntraLase iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser

During a LASIK surgery, a flap needs to be created before the cornea can be reshaped. In the past, surgeons would manually create the flap by hand using a microkeratome blade. At present, advanced lasers are used for flap creation instead. Utilized in over eight million procedures and cited in hundreds of scientific articles, the IntraLase iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser is a comprehensive platform built on IntraLase Technology’s legacy of surgical precision. As compared to older methods, the IntraLase iFS is able to create LASIK flaps more precisely, uniformly, and accurately.


Technology: Star S4 IR Excimer Laser

This laser reshapes the cornea to correct for refractive errors such as myopia and astigmatism. The STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser utilizes innovative technology to perform customized treatment:

Iris Registration technology provides a noncontact, automated method to correctly align and center treatment while allowing for instant re-registration in the event of intraoperative movement.

Variable Repetition Rate (VRR) delivers Fourier-reconstructed shapes with optimized ablation time while minimizing thermal impact on the cornea.

Variable Spot Scanning (VSS) technology incorporates an array of varying laser pulse diameters to ensure an accurate match between target and ablation shapes.

ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking technology follows the eyes motions in three dimensions to capture more than 99.4% of eye movements.

ActiveTrak Automatic Centering technology locates and automatically sets the treatment center in relation to the pupil center.

LASIK Pricing

Prices start from $3724.67 (both eyes, including GST)

Payment via interest-free installments are available for DBS, POSB, and UOB credit cards.
As compared of contact lenses, the cost of LASIK may be lower in the long run. You may save up to ~$28,980 lenses after LASIK.

LASIK price in Singapore for Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre. Prices in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

LASIK is a lifestyle choice.
Be free to do the things that you love.

Your LASIK Journey

Pre-LASIK Assessment
  • All LASIK patients must go through a series of detailed eye tests to determine suitability for LASIK
  • During a personalized consultation, Dr Lee will recommend a suitable LASIK treatment option based on your eye test results
LASIK Surgery
  • LASIK surgeries can be scheduled on Wednesday and Friday mornings
  • The LASIK procedure takes 15-20 mins
  • 1-3 days MC will be provided

Book a LASIK Assessment

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