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iStent for Glaucoma

iStent for Glaucoma

What is the iStent inject?

iStent inject trabecular micro-bypass stent for the treatment of mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma

What is open-angle glaucoma?

The most common form of glaucoma is primary open-angle glaucoma. In open-angle glaucoma, the aqueous fluid that normally circulates in the front portion of the eye is blocked from flowing back out of the eye through a tiny drainage system. As a result, the pressure in the eye begins to increase. Consequently, this can damage the optic nerve and lead to vision loss.

How does the iStent Inject work?

The iStent inject trabecular micro-bypass stent, one of the smallest known implants (0.36 mm long x 0.23 mm wide) used in humans. It helps increase the outflow of fluid by creating an opening in the resistant drainage eye layer so that the fluid can flow through, thereby decreasing eye pressure.

What are the advantages of the iStent Inject?

Medical-Grade, FDA-Approved Technology

The iStent inject is the FDA-approved, second-generation device of iStent.

Proven Treatment Results

Notably, clinical trials* have shown that most patients with mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma implanted with iStent inject have decreased eye pressure and medication. use compared with their previous treatment regimen for at least one year. Moreover, some patient were able to maintain their eye condition without medications.


Traditional glaucoma medication involves the instillation of various eye drops. As consequence, some patients may feel that having to eye drops often is cumbersome and time consuming. Comparatively, iStent Inject is a long-term solution implanted into the eye.

iStent Inject Treatment for Open-Angle Glaucoma Lower Eye Pressure - Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre, Singapore

TheGlaukos CorporationiStent inject is preloaded with two stents. Each stent is approximately 0.3 mm in diameter and 0.4 mm long.

How are iStent inject stents implanted in the eye?

One iStent inject applicator implants two stents into one eye. It can be implanted during a cataract surgery or as a standalone procedure. In a standalone procedure, the doctor will create the same single micro-incision as done in the common cataract procedure.

The doctor will tilt your head slightly. He will place a gonioscope onto your eye which is like a magnifying glass so that he can see the layers of the eye through the microscope. The iStent inject applicator which contains the stents will be inserted into the eye through the tiny incision, and the doctor will gently implant one stent into the resistant layer, move two-clock hours over and implant the other stent into the same layer. The applicator is then withdrawn.

Video animation depicting the iStent procedure

Who are good candidates for iStent Inject?

Above all, iStent is a good treatment option for patients with mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma who need to lower eye pressure. Additionally, it is a convenient choice for those who wish to reduce medication burden, find it difficult to comply with medical therapy or have side effects from traditional glaucoma medication.

What are the risks and complications?

Clinical trials have shown iStent inject procedure and implant to be a safe and effective treatment option alternative for patients with mild-to-moderate open angle glaucoma. The few minor adverse events reported were treatable or resolved on their own.

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