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Is there pain when undergoing the LASIK treatment?

No, there is no pain during LASIK as anaesthetic eye drops are instilled before, during and after the procedure. You may experience some sensation of touch as the surgeon prepares your eye for surgery.

After LASIK, there may be discomfort and tearing for the first 3-4 hours. We advise the patient to go home and rest/sleep after the treatment and the discomfort will be much reduced after resting.

How soon can I regain my vision?

Your vision will be blurry for the first 6 hours. Most patients are able to resume most daily activities the very next day. We recommend rest of 1-2 days before returning to work.
It is not unusual for some patients to be able to drive or work on the computer on the day after LASIK. Looking at the computer and reading are unlikely to affect the healing of your vision. The most important things are to instill the eye drops as prescribed by the doctor and not to rub the eyes for the first month.

Can I claim Medisave for LASIK? How about the coverage of insurance policies?

LASIK is a cosmetic treatment and therefore the usage of Medisave is not approved. Similarly, insurance policies generally do not cover for LASIK treatments.

Will a medical certificate (MC) be issued for LASIK?

Yes, the doctor typically issues an MC of 3-5 days for you to rest after LASIK.

Are there age limits for LASIK?

We recommend LASIK for people above the age of 18 years old. For patients below 21 years old, signed consent from a parent/guardian is required.

There is no age limit for LASIK as long as the eye is free of diseases/abnormalities and the patient stands to benefit from a laser vision correction. During the assessment session, the doctor will also screen for eye abnormalities that will contraindicate a patient from undergoing LASIK.


Will my refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) return after LASIK?

More than 99% of patients enjoy good vision after LASIK. They do not require the use of glasses or contact lenses even years after LASIK.
In the event of a regression (return of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism), an enhancement procedure can be carried out to correct the vision. An enhancement treatment can be repeated as long as there is sufficient cornea thickness. The patient can therefore enjoy good vision again.

If I have good far vision but need a pair of reading glasses to read, am I a good candidate for LASIK?

A monovision LASIK or SUPRACORâ„¢ laser treatment may be beneficial for you. During the LASIK assessment session, a pair of glasses to simulate the vision after LASIK will be tried on. After that, the doctor will discuss the treatment options with you.

If I have mild cataract, will I be able to undergo LASIK? How about retinal (back of the eye) problems?

[:en]If you have been diagnosed to have mild cataracts, it is not advisable to undergo LASIK. The doctor may recommend a cataract surgery instead when the vision has been affected by the cataract formation.
If you previously have had retinal laser treatments for retinal holes/degeneration, it may still be possible to undergo LASIK. The doctor will perform a dilated eye examination to determine your retinal health, and advise on LASIK suitability.[:]

If I have had LASIK, will this prevent me from undergoing treatments of other eye conditions in future (cataract, glaucoma, macular degenerations etc)?

No, LASIK will not prohibit or complicate future treatments of other eye conditions. You may still undergo a cataract surgery or retinal laser treatment successfully after a prior LASIK procedure.

Will I be able to wear soft cosmetic contact lenses (coloured/iris-enhancers) after LASIK?

These contact lenses are manufactured to fit the eye parameters of the general population. After LASIK, the corneal curvature is different and this may cause the lenses to fit poorly. Please consult the doctor on your suitability for cosmetic contact lenses after LASIK.

For more information on LASIK, download our latest LASIK Information Booklet

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