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I’ve recently turned 47 and although I know my eye sight is beginning to deteriorate (I struggle to read the newspaper unless it is under my nose) I am not ready to start wearing glasses. I take a lot of pride in my appearance, and people often comment how young I look. I think wearing glasses will really age me. When my husband required reading glasses a few years ago he was told that there were not any laser eye surgery techniques that could cure this condition. Is this still the case?

Firstly, it sounds like you suffer from presbyopia – a condition which makes it hard for people to read fine print and digital displays and to see small objects. It is hugely common and affects the majority of people over the age of 40 and is part of the natural ageing process of the eye. Although treatable through the use of prescription reading glasses, we can understand your wish for a more permanent solution.
Fortunately, a laser eye surgery technique called SUPRACOR has just launched which is available at a number of well respected clinics. It is similar to a LASIK procedure but developed specifically for presbyopia and many patients experience an immediate improvement after the surgery.

I’ve been wearing reading glasses on an off for a number of years but I hate it. I have to put them on to read labels in shops, enter my pin number in card machines and find myself taking them on and off dozens of times a day. My sight is fine in all other respects. Is there another solution to wearing glasses?

Yes there is! A CE approved LASIK-type procedure called SUPRACOR is now available providing great results for presbyopia, the natural ageing of the eye which results in the difficulty to view small objects and fine print. Presbyopia is a very common condition, affecting the majority of people over the age of 40, with many simply choosing to wear reading glasses. SUPRACOR provides a safe and effective alternative, improving vision almost immediately.

About 15 years ago I underwent laser eye surgery to correct my near vision. I was under the impression that the improvement would be permanent, however, over recent years I’ve noticed a deterioration when it comes to reading. I’ve just turned 50. Should I be experiencing this or should my previous surgery have prevented this?

From what you’ve said, it sounds like you are suffering from presbyopia – a condition which occurs naturally as the eye begins to age, making it difficult to see small objects and print. Unfortunately, this age-related condition has a different cause than the typical long- or short-sighted vision problems occurring in your 20’s or 30’s, and so would not be prevented by your previous treatment.

Until recently, presbyopia could not be treated very successfully with laser eye surgery, but a new procedure called SUPRACOR is now available. It is based on the widely available LASIK procedure but developed specifically for presbyopia and many patients experience an immediate improvement.