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SUPRACOR™ Presbyopic Laser Treatment

SUPRACOR™ Presbyopic Laser Treatment

What is the SUPRACOR™ treatment?

The SUPRACOR™ excimer presbyopia treatment, developed by Technolas Perfect Vision, is a bilateral, varifocal LASIK solution designed to provide patients with good vision at near, far and all intermediate distances in both eyes. The varifocal SUPRACOR™ treatment uses a progressive ablation profile designed to provide a smooth transition from distance to near correction, eliminating segment lines, to allow viewing of all intermediate distances. Furthermore, SUPRACOR™’s sophisticated algorithm provides the expected near addition while minimizing the induction of undesired aberrations within the pupil.

SUPRACOR™ is designed for the full refractive treatment ranges and can be customized to individual patient needs. Results from a multicentre European evaluation on hyperopic presbyopes treated with SUPRACOR™ found that while all patients needed reading glasses preoperatively, 96% were able to read the newspaper and short messages without glasses at 6 months postoperatively. Similarly, 96% of patients were able to use the computer without glasses at 6 months post-op compared with 22% preoperatively.

The SUPRACOR™ procedure is performed using the TECHNOLAS Excimer Workstation 217P, incorporating safety and precision features such as Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACE) Technology and iris recognition. SUPRACOR™ is as easy to perform as a LASIK procedure, and is suitable for subsequent enhancement surgeries.


For more information on the SUPRACOR™ treatment, please download this brochure.

SUPRACOR™ Patient Information is also available in Chinese here.