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6 awesome things you can do after LASIK


6 Awesome Things You Can Do After LASIK

Unlike glasses or contact lenses which only correct vision temporarily, LASIK offers long-term, hassle-free visual freedom.
LASIK surgery takes only a few minutes, but can have a monumental impact on your lifestyle.

#1 Stay active, healthy & happy with loved ones

Tomorrow is not promised and today is short.
Be free to enjoy activities with your family and friends.
Whether it’s a spontaneous trip to the beach, or a romantic hike, you (and your eyes) will always be prepared.

#2 Travel freely without the hassles of contact lenses and glasses

Oops! Forgot to pack your glasses? Didn’t bring contact lens solution?
Vacations should be fun, don’t sweat the small things.
LASIK lets you travel with peace of mind (and more luggage space for shopping).

#3 Ignite the passion for a positive lifestyle change

Making a lifestyle change can be difficult, LASIK makes it easier.
No glasses sliding down your nose, no dry contact lenses, and you’ll always be ready for water sports.
Ready to be #BodyGoals?

#4 Look good & feel great

Glasses not your style?
LASIK can give you visual freedom, 24/7.
At school, work, or even at home – you’ll always look your best.

#5 Be adventurous

It’s all about the fun, the exhilaration!
LASIK lets you take on contact sports, water and outdoor activities with ease.

#6 Excel at Sports

Exercise and training regimes are tough enough.
With glasses and contact lenses out of the way, you are free to pursue excellence.

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Book A LASIK Assessment

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* Before coming for the LASIK assessment, patients are required to stop wearing their contact lenses for 3 days (soft lenses) to 5 days (hard lenses).
This is to allow us to assess your eyes more accurately.


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