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Haze Affects Our Eyes Too

Haze Affects Our Eyes Too

Haze Eyes Young Boy Rubbing Eye Irritated Red Eyes

When haze season arrives, our first concern is usually its effects on our respiratory system. However, haze can also affect eye health.

Negative impacts of haze on eye health:

  • Makes eyes more susceptible to infections
  • May cause eye irritation
  • May cause dry eyes
  • May trigger allergies
  • May cause contact lens wearers discomfort (itchiness, redness, dryness)


What you can do to protect your eyes from the haze:

  • If your eyes feel irritated, do not rub your eyes vigorously or excessively
  • Do not use tap water to rinse your eyes. Although clean enough to drink, tap water still contains microorganisms that can cause eye infections.
  • Apply lubricating eye drops (may be purchased from most pharmacies or eye clinics). These eye drops help to alleviate symptoms and act as a protective barrier (similar to a mask)..
  • If lubricating eye drops do not work, and you are experiencing persistent and worsening symptoms, consult an eye specialist.

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